Who We Are

This website is one of three addiction resources developed by the New Zealand government with the sole purpose of helping Kiwis get free access to good quality help.

The PotHelp team, funded by the Ministry of Health through the New Zealand Drug Foundation , includes experienced treatment practitioners – some of whom are themselves former addicts. 

PotHelp is a drug information and online support resource for people who are concerned about how pot use is affecting their lives. The website features high quality, objective information about pot.

There are many ways to get good quality treatment support. This website is just another option. If it doesn’t work for you, please call one of the organisations listed on our Get Help page.

The website is built around the accounts of people who have used pot and other drugs, and people affected by someone else’s pot use. These are real people who have gone through the highs and lows associated with cannabis dependency, and have offered their stories to assist you in your journey.

PotHelp is based in Aoteoroa New Zealand and was launched in November 2013.


Every effort is being made to ensure this website complies with the New Zealand Government web standards. Closed captions, which enable people with hearing impairments to understand the videos clips, are being added over time as resources permit.

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If you’ve got suggestions on how the website can be improved, or if you find something that is not working, please get in touch .


This website wouldn't be possible without some gutsy New Zealanders willingly sharing their stories. We deeply appreciate their honesty and hope.

The questionnaire used is: Copeland, J, Gilmore, S, Gates, P, & Swift, W (2005) "The Cannabis Problems Questionnaire: Factor, structure, reliability and validity", Drug and Alcohol Dependence 80, 313-319.

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The organisations behind PotHelp

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New Zealand Drug Foundation

A consortium of providers led by the New Zealand Drug Foundation – Te Tuapapa Taukino o Aotearoa developed and maintains PotHelp, along with the companion MethHelp and DrugHelp websites. The Foundation works to prevent and reduce harms from drug use by strong advocacy of best evidence policies and practices.

Ministry of Health

PotHelp is funded and supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Peer review 

An Advisory Group provided policy guidance and direction on the early development of the PotHelp, DrugHelp and MethHelp websites and associated resources.

The website has been peer reviewed by professionals working in the alcohol and other drug sector and academia. They bring specialist knowledge in the provision of health information to multiple audiences.

Another part of making this website work well is inviting feedback from website users. Prior to the launch we undertook thorough testing with a small sample of potential website visitors.

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