The Programme

This is probably not your first time trying to quit Pot. But the fact you've found this website suggests it might be your most successful attempt yet.

Harness that desire to change and commit to reducing your pot use for good.

The aim of PotHelp is to support New Zealanders who are sick of using pot by offering suggestions which have worked for hundreds of others. The techniques are tried and true: goal-setting; keeping track of progress; identifying triggers.

Look around and, when you’re ready to seriously cut back or stop using pot, commit to the treatment plan by clicking on ‘Take the Test’ or the first button in the programme list below. While you can dip in and out of these resources at any time, there is added benefit to working through them in the order they are listed.

We suggest you visit at least weekly, if not daily, to keep your goals front of mind and get the most out of the proven techniques outlined here. We hope you’ll find it inspirational, educational, and easy-to-navigate.

PotHelp is funded by the Health Ministry, because pot is a huge health problem in New Zealand, but this is a free and secure place for you to visit, read, learn and work through a treatment programme of reading and exercises.

If you’re sick of using pot, read on. The content on this website can form the first steps towards reclaiming your life.

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