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Talking or chatting openly to someone is a great way to get clarity on the effects cannabis is having on your life. Talking to someone who also uses cannabis about how to balance it with the rest of your life could help, but they may not have the same concerns as you.

Another idea is to get in touch with one or two friends or whānau members you trust, and tell them you want to talk about cannabis. 

If you stop using cannabis, all the reasons you started smoking heavily will still be there but you will no longer have your crutch. A connection to others who know you're trying to make some changes will be invaluable.

PotHelp Journal Entry: People I can count on

Make a list of four or five people you can rely on. A mix of people you can chat with face to face, online, or on your phone might work. They could be friends, whānau members, or support workers.  

For more information about finding support, see Get More Help .