Almost half of all New Zealanders have smoked pot and statistics suggest around 14 percent smoke it regularly.

After alcohol, it is the most problematic drug in New Zealand society – that is, it’s second-only to booze as the main problem for those who enter treatment.

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You may need to talk to someone right now. Contact the Alcohol & Drug Helpline: phone 0800 787 797.

There are other options for talking with others about where you are at. You may want to join a support group. Here are some contact details for you to Talk it over.

Or you may want to learn a bit more about pot and figure out the impact it’s been having on you and what you can do to change. If so, this website could be a great place to start.

If you’re already in the process of controlling your pot use and you want support with cravings or a relapse, Hit the red alert button page .

Remember: this website is not a substitute for good medical care. Talk to your GP or other medical professional if you have any concerns about your health while working to control your pot use.

It can be a hard drug to kick, but stick with it.

This website is dedicated to helping you cut back or stop smoking pot. If you think your cannabis use is a problem for you, these resources may help you to cut back or stop your use altogether.

To start, take the test below to assess the depth of your problem. Then you can start a proven step-by-step online treatment plan.\

Talk it over

When you are trying to quit pot, you will occasionally have crap days where you need support. Sometimes you won’t be able to locate a trusted friend or mentor to talk with as the cravings subside.

On days like this, or any day when you just need someone to talk to, you can call the Alcohol & Drug Helpline: phone 0800 787 797.

Is pot use a problem for you?

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